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Great products, perfect service!

This review is based on my second laser purchase. The model i ordered was out of stock for the next three weeks. So the customer service informed me friendly if i would prefer an other model. I told them that i would wait. And in two weeks i received the laser with a free gift. I was very pleased with the gift so thanks again to the friendly people of the customer service. I will definitely buy again at Huepar.


The Huepar that I purchase came with 2 batteries and one of them didn't work that's why I had to order a new one.
It would have been nice if you covered the cost.

Nice but came broke

The attachment that holds it tight to the ceiling was not attached as the glue failed. I can not put it tight to the ceiling

Is This Necessary?

Why do I need this in addition to regular shipping?

Good and clear laserline for a fair price. Battery goes more than half a day continuously on.

Fast and quality

Fast and quality service could not ask for more

Excellent Tool

This laser is very useful and it comes at a very reasonable price. I'll add here that I recently watched one of your YouTube videos explaining the methods of calibration of your devices. I'm hoping I never have to adjust anything on my lasers and I would like to ask how would I have my lasers serviced if they should need it?

Great service

I got everything, but when I noticed the bag zipper was broke. I spoke with customer service and they took care of the situation right away, overall was very happy with the product and the customer service.

Best customer service.

Huepar is a company that stands behind their product, and delivers the best customer service ever when handling a warranty item. Thank you.

Absolutely High Quality

I used the S03CG to level my bathroom floor joists. It worked flawlessly and was highly accurate, all at price far under all the high priced popular brands. Questions I had were promptly answered by customer service! Highly recommend!

I bought this laser over 2 years ago to install cabinets. I was unsure of what i needed but purchased it anyway. Wow what a great laser. I purchased a tripod with it and checked the accuracy in a large room, 1/16 off at 47 feet across a room. I needed to template a sofit on the ceiling, and it was so easy with the red dot, put it on the sofit mark it on the floor. Guys you will not be disappointed with this laser, and the green line is so easy to see. The $119 dollars for this laser is worth avery penny.

Good level

It does everything I need it for

Best ever

Thanks for great product

Huepar S04CG - 4D 16 Lines Osram Self-Leveling LCD Screen Laser Level

Railroad Grade inclinometer

I bought it to measure the percentage of grade at our hobby miniature railroad. I mounted it on an 8"x8" sheet metal to sit straddle of the rails and took readings at 50 places around the half mile of track. The numbers appeared to be within reason and now I will take a few examples and verify their accuracy with a transit. The display was still readable from my standing position even though the level was at ground level. For twenty-two bucks, it was a good investment.

Nice laser

Really nice laser for a diy’er. Used it for marking top and bottom plates. Worked great and a lot cheaper than a plate level.

Huepar S04CG - 4x360° Osram Green 16 Lines Laser Level

Rock House Const Corp

I found the laser level, very efficient and very affordable. I use it to do interior layout for framing tile and flooring.

Specs not accurate for outdoor use

I tried using the outdoors with the laser set to "pulse" mode and was barely able to see any line more than 20' away on an overcast day. In shade, it was worse and in sunlight...forget it...maybe 6-10'. I was going to buy the receiver in hopes it would actually give me the distance, but with the false advertising, I'm reluctant to spend more money just to get a line beyond 50'! I definitely would not recommend for outdoor use beyond 10'.

Receiver enabled laser use in AZ summer sun

I used the laser with the receiver place stakes and boards for concrete forms in the day time with bright Arizona summer sun shining and no shade. Without the receiver the laser would have been useless. With the receiver I was able to complete my task.
The kids only feature I could have used to make the task easier in an additional mount for the receiver set 90 degrees from the current vertical mount and a more visible bubble level for horizontal use.

Huepar AT2 - Laser Level Adapter

Best laser on the market so far

Great tool wiring for work so I can use it.
But is perfect way batter that DeWalt and the price is outstanding. Thank you very much.

Huepar B02CG

Seems to work fine. Have not used the detector feature yet. So far the only feature I dont like is having to slide the switch to turn on/off the level. Cant turn it on/off with the button marked as on and off. The slide switch is inconvenient to use especially when you have the level position set and dont want to move it. My Bosch level has the lock slide on the side of the unit. Much easier to use when you dont want to move the laser. And the lock slide switch is not used to be the on/off