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Huepar was established in 2013 and has been specializing in laser level for 10+ years. We sold in over 130 countries with 20+ warehouses around the world and we got over 95% positive rates.

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Huepar 903CG + 6RG + AT2 + TPD14

Love it - would love better setup directoins

Love it, but would love better setup directions.


A bit bulky but for the price, I can’t really complain.


Great stand . Good stuff. Well wroth the money

Huepar TPD16 - 1.6m/5.2ft Flat Head Aluminum Tripod

Best bang for your buck!

The laser is of a good quality and easy to set up and use. Works really well for grading and putting a pitch for drainage. You can't find a better quality laser with all the same features, without spending hundreds of dollars more! Highly recommended.

Huepar Care - Free 2-Year Membership Warranty

As expected

As expected. Fast delivery, good quality.

Sceptica,l but didn’t need to be !!

I was a bit sceptical about buying one of these laser levels above a more well known manufacturer, but my scepticism was short lived after using it.
It’s very bright, accurate and intuitive to use, if I had any criticism it would be it only came with one battery, but spares are readily available.
Great price too, the equivalent Bosch, DeWalt etc were more than double the price with less features.
I’m really pleased I bought it and happy with the performance.

Awesome laser

Makes life so much easier not having to run string much more accurate

delivered on time. home, everything worked fine

So far, so good. Best buy category

Huepar 603CG - 3D Green Beam Self-Leveling 3 X 360° Laser Level

Very good service

Top job. Quick efficient and easy to deal with.


Works very well

Great Measuring device

Works as it should, very accurate

Huepar 703CG - 12 Lines 3D Osram Green Beam Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Hard Carry Case

I have not had a response

I sent the photos they asked me for and they haven't responded to me, I'm disappointed.

Probably decent

But to my dismay does not work with the model laser I bought,

Huepar LP36 - 3.7m/12ft Laser Telescoping Pole

Great laser

Great laser for a decent price.

This small level is fantastic! I'd purchase another!

As a builder, carpenter, inspector, installer of so many construction / home & small building demands, this small unit works! It's simple yet very precise. The plumb / vertical dot feature is excellent! I'd purchase another IF this ever walks (stolen), gets damaged or something else. It almost rivals my larger rotating level in accuracy. My crews want to use this when I'm not. :)

It calibrates well with my Stabilla and other laser levels (1/32"@100').

The only thing I would like would be somehow to increase the beam strength when using it outside. If the beam exceeds more than 50'-100', you'll need a beam indicator / sensor at times. Shade helps find the beam if needed. The battery works well and it's very easy to re-charge overnight for next day use.

Set up is simple, easy, fast and accurate. The plumb dot makes consistent calibrations, when daily set-up / take-down applications of the unit. It worked tremendously well when installing home elevator systems and installing the needed supports through three floors or work. Worked so well.

Wall layouts, vertical leveling, squaring, parallel, leveling floors, plaining walls, floors etc... great tool.

If you look at todays supply to order, they are currently out of stock..... ?? Popular choice. :)

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