Why do we need a Huepar laserlevel?


Huepar will let you say goodbye to the time-consuming troubles caused by traditional measurement tools. You no longer need to worry about tedious adjustment and calibration, all you need to do is simply turn on our laser level, and you can get accurate measurement results in an instant. Our products make measurement easy and convenient, enabling you to complete various tasks in a more efficient manner. Whether it is layout, decoration or construction engineering, Huepar's laser level will become your right-hand assistant and bring you a new measurement experience.

What upgrades do the new models have?


2H + 2V Laser Lines: 360° rotation for simultaneous 4-time measurement, improving efficiency.
Adjustable Moving Speeds: 0.06rpm, 0.3rpm, and 1.6rpm for precise measurements at different distances.
Minimal Error: Only 2.5mm and 2°, surpassing most laser levels on the market.
Versatile Tool: Combines angle, and spirit level, and assists gauges for measurement and layout work.
Pulse Mode: Enables clear visibility outdoors with a range of up to 200 feet.
Long Battery Life: 2600mAh capacity provides a month's worth of use on a single charge.
The W04CG is a powerful and reliable measuring tool designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency in various applications.