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Huepar 503CG - 3D Green Beam Cross Line Self-Leveling Laser Level

Durable Quality

These units are great, we have at least 12 of them in service now for our carpenters. The batteries are great as we can have charged batteries on hand at all times in the tool cage. Very accurate and bright.

Huepar B03CG Pro - 3 x 360° Green Beam Cross Line Self-leveling Laser Level with Hard Carry Case

Huepar TPD14 - 56 inch/143cm Tripod Adjustable

Huepar P04CG - 4x360° Laser Level Self Leveling 4D Green Beam Bluetooth Connectivity Laser Tool

The level was super-simple to set up and start operating immediately.

Love the level. Love the remote laser receiver. Both are intuitive and easy to use. Waiting to test outside on a sunny day to find the distance limit the receiver will operate. Inside, the laser lines are bright and easy to see. My only complaint is the tripod is too light-weight for the unit. Mine came with a broken foot due to shipping damage, and I wonder how durable it will be in its bag. Otherwise, completely satisfied with the this purchase.

very accurate and easy to use

very accurate and easy to use

Nice laser

Does the job done!! Accurate and good

Huepar LR6RG - Laser Detector/Line Laser Receiver

Telescoping pole

This product gets very unstable at the top and is prone to tipping. I needed it for suspended ceiling and cannot use it for that. I'm disappointed.

Huepar P03CG - Self Leveling 3x360°Bluetooth outdoor Line Laser 3D Green Beam with Hard Carry Case

Huepar LS04CG - Self-leveling 4x360 Green Cross Line Floor Laser Tool

GF360/901CG/902CG Laser Glass Window and Protective Cover

Huepar BOX1G - 45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Self-leveling Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°

Huepar TB01- Tool Bag
Matthew Millard
Great product

High quality bag ...just another Heupar product in my collection


Very good

Huepar LM100A - 100M Laser

Very accurate and good

Level base

Base kinda hard to get level on all rotations,,base seems to have a little play in it,,otherwise for the money ,,not bad

Excellent product

Excellent product compares well with other name brands for an affordable price

Low quality

I ordered my laser less than a month ago, and used the tripod maybe 4 times and it's walready falling apart,gears are plastic and already broken

Huepar PV11+ Fine tuning Bracket Adapter

Very the best

I really like this tool. I dropped and still working good.

Huepar 901CG - 360 Green Beam Cross Line Self-Leveling Laser Level with Magnetic Pivoting Base