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How to use your phone APP/APK to control the laser level

The Huepar S04CG laser level can not only be controlled by the remote control, but also added Bluetooth technology, and use the mobile phone APP to control the intensity of the light and the opening of the light.Allow users to control the machine more conveniently and complete professional work more easily.

we will introduce something new to you. We are going to talk about how to use your phone APP/APK to control the laser level.

Step 1: Scan the code or directly search “Huepar”in your APP Store/Google Play,or clink the link : to download the APP.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and open the Huepar APP/APK. And Turn on the laser tools.

Step 3: Complete the Bluetooth match and connection with the laser tool.

After opening the software, you can view some information about Huepar, such as Regular model,Information,New Product and Setting.

Step 4: Click “S series” to enter the operation interface.

After entering, we can start the operation.

The icon of the lock is slash mode, and the non lock is self-leveling.

Bluetooth connection Status. When the icon turns white means the Bluetooth is connected, if not the Bluetooth is unconnected.

Laser Tool Status Reminder: Under self-leveling mode, the icon will be displayed as reminder if the tool is beyond self-leveling range.

Click the icon once to switch ON/OFF all laser lines in one click

In Manual Mode &In Self-leveling Mode

The illuminated laser lines on the machine are displayed synchronously on your mobile screen.When the laser line of the tool is off, the corresponding line of these two parts will also turn gray.

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